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We Use our Brief Time to the Max!

Did you know that if a church service lasts two hours, that your child spends just 1% of their year at church?  On average, your child spends 15% of their time at school. This leaves the remaining 84% of a child’s time up to you as parents and guardians!


Our curriculum is not meant to end when the service does.  Each week your child receives a take home paper and memory verse.  We encourage you to ask your children throughout the week what they learned and apply it to your routines.  Through family meals, prayers before bed, technology free car rides, and set aside family time, you can use your influence as a parent or guardian in a positive way to continue the teaching.

Impact Classes

Impact is divided into four age group classes:


Nursery (Birth-1 year): The nursery is a space for new babies to be cared for by their parents and also volunteers.  We have created a nurturing and fun environment that babies can feel safe, experience age-appropriate exploratory play, and receive the care they need.  The nursery is always kept to a one adult to three kids or less ratio with at least two certified volunteers.


Toddlers (2-3 years): The toddler room is a place where the children can experience exploratory play, social interactions with others their age. This room adjoins the nursery with a central door so that volunteers can easily access our changing station and toys that may be appropriate for your child.  There is also a bathroom connected to this room to help kids who may be starting potty training.  The toddler room always keeps a one adult to five kids or less ratio with at least two certified volunteers.


Pre-K (4 years-Kindergarten): The PK room is full of engaging toys and activities. In this room the kids will enjoy an interactive Bible lesson where they will learn stories and principles straight from the scriptures!  Through positive peer interactions, and hands-on activities, your child will want to keep coming back again and again!  The preschool room always keeps a one adult to ten kids or less ratio with at least two certified volunteers.

Elementary (1st-5th Grade): In the elementary classroom your kids will experience impactful and relatable lessons every week!  Through hands-on activities, games, crafts, and more, your child will want to invite their friends!  Our curriculum teaches kids straight out of the Bible as they explore the stories and principles that are foundational to Christianity. The elementary room always keeps a one adult to fifteen kids or less ratio with at least two certified volunteers.

Current Curriculum

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